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Toasting Glasses of Red and White Wine - Steve Lupton
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Toasting Glasses of Red & White Wine

Toasting Glasses of Red & White Wine

License this image from Getty Images


Raise a toast with this stock photo/image of Toasting Glasses of Red and White Wine!


As you can imagine this stock wine photo was fairly difficult to achieve, but worth celebrating when I achieved what I was looking for. I hope you agree, the lighting is just right for both the glass and the wines.

When first shooting such an image it can be difficult to tell exactly how the angles of the glasses and the wine will appear, especially when you take reflections into account. Of course there is also no telling exactly how the wine will spill and so as you would expect quite a few attempts are made before you can get this just right. Even then there are no guarantees that you can capture something that is useable as a high quality stock image of wine. I think all the years I spent shooting glass as a stand alone subject for a manufacturer really helped when it came to creating this particular stock photo of wines. No specular highlights all over the image, nice and smooth with all the detail preserved in the glass and it still looks natural, not shot with a harsh flashgun!


I think all the years I spent shooting glass as a stand alone subject for a manufacturer really helped


Because photographing this sort of image is so unpredictable there were lots of wild captures that were considered just too messy for use or the spilling wine just didn’t look good. If the wine flows out of the glass too far for example, the eye finds too much space around the frame. So from the many captures and all the hours of effort this exciting Toasting Glasses of Red and White Wine stock image was born.


This stock photo/image is available for license as a Rights Managed image.


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