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White Wine Stock Photos | Stock Food and Drink
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White Wine Stock Photos

White Wine Stock Photos


License these images from Getty Images


A crisp white wine swirls in a glass


During a shoot of white wine stock photos I decided to try to photograph an interesting swirl. Now the problem with this of course is that no two swirls are exactly the same and shooting swirls isn’t exactly predictable, after shooting what seemed like endless variations I still really wanted to capture a better swirl if I could. So the session continued shot after shot, until suddenly before my eyes at last was this amazing white wine swirl, it was something that the eye seldom captures but there it was suspended in time by the fast shutter speed, what might be considered the perfect white wine swirl.

Because this took a lot of time and effort to get just right it’s a stock wine image that I find the most rewarding, apart from the swirl, the colour which is showing within the swirl is completely natural, not enhanced in any way.


Just recently I decided to see if I could take this a step further creatively.


Just recently I decided to see if I could take this a step further creatively. With a little help from Flypaper Textures and a pinch of photoshopping I produced what I think is a more creative version, but the thing is I now just can’t decide which I prefer.

Because the original image is a favourite of mine it would take some beating in my mind, but I can’t help liking the artistic qualities and the style of what might be considered the ‘more creative’ version. So I asked around for opinions and that was perhaps not the wisest thing I ever did because the feedback was so hard to draw firm conclusions from. It wasn’t a very scientific result to my brief survey but several people initially preferred the original image, however then when asked which image they would prefer as wall art? then it was a different matter, most people preferred the further creative version. Interesting isn’t it! Then some people just didn’t seem to like the extra creative version much really, even wondering why I had seemingly taken apart a detailed crisp quality original and created such a look! I like people to be honest with me.


So I suppose this goes to show exactly what I used to think even as a photography student many moons ago, that photography is so very subjective, what one person loves another hates and then there is everything of taste in-between. Hmmm, so go on then which do you prefer? Let me know!


I can just enjoy each white wine stock photo for it’s own merits.


For me as the photographer, well as I said I simply can’t decide which I prefer, some days it’s the original but some days it’s the more creative version, I guess it really does depend on interpretation and end user/situation and I suppose I don’t really have to have a preference, I can just enjoy each white wine stock photo for it’s own merits.
After all that I don’t know about you but I’m feeling quite a thirst for a glass of the white stuff now!



These stock photos/images are available for license as Rights Managed images.


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