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Food & Drink Photography in Derbyshire
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Food and Drink Photography in Derbyshire

An iconic image of spaghetti wound on a fork (Spaghetti Bolognese). From the online portfolio of photographer Steve Lupton. Photo Copyright © stevelupton.com

Food and Drink Photography in Derbyshire


License this image from Getty Images


Derbyshire Food Photography


Food and Drink Photography in Derbyshire and Yorkshire… with international appeal!


I’m based in Derbyshire and provide a photographic assignment service to the Yorkshire area too. I’ve just put a new page on my site in response to a recent enquiry about shooting a commercial assignment for a company in Germany, because it made me realise I have a word wide market for my stock photography which you would expect, but something like 90% of my assignments are still regional. I love to work for the folk of Derbyshire but it doesn’t have to end there.


Food Photography in a smaller world


The world is much smaller now and with technology there’s no reason why someone hundreds if not thousands of miles away from me can’t use my studio services. Only last week I attended an online webinar that joined photographers together from all parts of the world, a very kind person sent me a package from the USA Thursday that arrived here on Monday morning, I sent e-mails from here in the UK to Thailand and the USA getting an almost immediate response. Of course when it comes to food it has it’s own set of problems with distance, but then again we shot a cd of images which involved 150 European stock food images and a further cd selected from 130 images for Asian food too, proof if needed that it can all be done right here in Derbyshire.


If you are a keen chef or a new food stylist looking to work in this exciting field of food photography, I would love to hear from you


I would love to hear from you if you have an interesting assignment/project involving food and drink photography in Derbyshire, Yorkshire or perhaps almost anywhere in the world these days. Please contact me via my contact page.
If you are a keen chef or a new food stylist looking to work in this exciting field of food photography, I would love to hear from you also and i’m always interested in new speculative avenues.

The spaghetti wound on fork image… my stock photo used throughout the world (with appropriate license), seems it’s especially liked in Italy!

Steve Lupton


View more food and drink images in the portfolio

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