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Food and Drink Stock Photography | Stock Food And Drink
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Food and Drink Stock Photography

Steaming Teapot Copyright © stevelupton.com

Food and Drink Stock Photography


Licence this original Royalty Free image from Getty Images



What do you expect to see when you need an image from the world of Food and Drink Stock Photography?

If you are reading this you have now discovered something that’s hopefully a little more unexpected and refreshing in the stock photo world of food and drink. Here are a few of my thoughts as to why as a professional photographer specialising in stock food and drink images I believe your search results just got a whole lot more interesting!


Firstly, the images I create under the label of ‘Stock Food’ and ‘Drinks for Stock’ are created by drawing upon all of my experience in photography and food, I was fortunate enough to be Corbis Images’ first dedicated food photographer as I helped shape what was to come in leading stock food imagery. I think we raised the bar somewhat, giving customers what they really want in a stock food picture.


the experience of the specialisation and in the technicalities of photographing the subject will undoubtedly show through in the end result, especially where it really matters!


Drawing from my world of advertising photography too I provide food and drink stock photography with a unique and exclusive top end feel. I have spent more years than I care to mention photographing food and drink and almost everything associated with it and I still enjoy producing exciting images. From the old days of perfect burger buns and shadowless food to the latest world of keeping it real and everything in between, such experience can be seen in each and every single stock image that I release because it is essential to the subject and ultimately to the style of the image.
I’m trying to make a point here… Perhaps think of it like this, would you choose to have an operation performed by a newbie or keen amateur? I doubt it, perish the thought! So maybe you can apply this analogy to people who photograph food and drink for a little extra income perhaps and to professional photographers of food and drink, the experience of the specialisation and in the technicalities of photographing the subject will undoubtedly show through in the end result, especially where it really matters!


Ingredients for Cooking © Copyright stevelupton.com

A textured stock image of food by Steve Lupton


Moving forward, my latest ‘textured images’ are achieving a look and feel of more creativity, I’m pleased with them and I believe it’s still unusual to find such creativity in food and drink for stock, hopefully it will stand out like most of my material from the millions of just plated food photos out there, of course some of these are fantastic but sometimes a buyer needs more than a plate of food. Something more iconic perhaps and something much less obvious than slap it down and shoot images.


sometimes a buyer needs more than a plate of food


So I have created my site ‘Stock Food and Drink’ to show a selection of the kind of thing i’m talking about here, anyone wishing to find something fresh, different and exclusive can view my portfolio on the site and see an introduction to my style of food and drink stock photography and the stock images/photos that I love to create.


Please head over to Corbis Images and Getty Images and see for yourself why people license my distinctive high quality stock photos and images, welcome to my world.

Steve Lupton


View more food and drink images in the portfolio







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  • Anne

    I have licensed some of your work recently from an image library, the quality of the images/large files that were supplied is outstanding! Happy to use your material.

    August 26, 2016 at 10:29 am
    • Steve

      Thank you for the kind comment Anne and thanks indeed for licensing my photos/images.

      August 28, 2016 at 3:03 pm

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