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Ice-Cream Photography for Stock | Stock Food and Drink
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Ice-Cream Photography for Stock

Scoop of vanilla Ice Cream © Copyright stevelupton.com

Ice-Cream Photography for Stock


Scoop up this original image from Getty Images


Phew! On a warm day like today nothing can beat a cool ice-cream, talking of which I think my stock image of a vanilla ice-cream scoop is really cool! I suppose I might say that but I like the simplicity this image portrays when in reality it’s not simple to photograph at all, as anyone that has attempted ice-cream photography for a living will tell you, it demands a good degree of patience and a bit of luck helps too.

So you want it to have a slight melt or run?… no problem, I can do this in erm lets see… six attempts! Easy peasy! (not)


Of course these days one might expect a bit of photoshopping to be involved but I remember a time not so very long ago when we had to capture the whole image true to life, all perfect and all in one capture on 5×4″ colour transparency, which was accurate to within a third of a stop exposure wise. You can imagine how long an ice cream lasts under hot studio conditions, it’s like shooting ice-cream in full sun! boy was that good fun with transparency film!!! But even in those days we had ways of keeping the ice-cream at it’s best for just long enough.


So with digital I guess things are a little easier to shoot and perhaps quite a bit more real, but I think there is still quite a lot of expertise in creating a successful ice cream image that just melts in your mouth!

Above the image is enhanced creatively by using FlyPaper Textures.



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