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Quality Stock Food and Drink Photography | Steve Lupton
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Quality stock food and drink photography

Sparkling iced drink with a slice of lime. From the online portfolio of photographer Steve Lupton. Photo Copyright © stevelupton.com

Quality stock food and drink photography


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Quality stock food and drink photography
by Photographer Steve Lupton

I’m a believer in high quality stock food and drink photography, I have always tried to maintain this quality in my photos and images, not just technically but creatively too. I could churn out 100’s of stock images for the ‘mass’ markets but so far I have chosen not to. Why? because I still believe that quality wins through in the long run, and to be honest where would the fun be in becoming a stock photo factory? Part of my creativity would be cut off if I just churned out stock images and photos over and over, I’m not so sure I could endure that!


I used to own an art gallery in a beautiful market town in a National Park. I had noticed that a certain line of exceptional quality glass made by a couple of well known glass blowers didn’t seem to be selling very well at all. I was about to give up on this lovely product but when I mentioned this to a retailing friend of mine he advised me to stick it out, be patient, go for the long term results. Much to my amazement over time the quality glass began to sell, not only that but it became almost self perpetuating. The more we sold, the more we sold! I’m glad I stuck with it.


I certainly salute those who appreciate quality stock food and drink photography when they see it, especially in todays overwhelming world of the mass and mediocre. Remember that quality doesn’t necessarily mean too expensive either these days, so if your’e looking for quality stock food and drink photography you just found the right place.

Steve Lupton

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