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Sex On The Beach Stock Photo | Stock Food and Drink
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Sex On The Beach Stock Photo

Sex on the Beach Cocktail © Copyright stevelupton.com

Sex On The Beach Stock Photo


Refresh your website and licence this image from Getty Images


Sex on the beach… well why not???

This is a great vodka cocktail stock photo of course, two delicious sex on the beach cocktails to get you in the mood, or whatever!  But did you know that this image also can attract a lot of traffic to your website? Yes, I found that having this image in my portfolio suddenly attracted lots of visitors, I can’t say how many were actually interested in my work as a food and drink photographer, surely I can’t be that popular, but I’m pretty sure it somehow helped my ranking in search engines!!!

Now, I can’t guarantee that if you licence my ‘Sex on the Beach’ stock image from Corbis Images you will suddenly get lots of visitors to your site, but if you like the image and it works for you then it must be an added bonus.

Steve Lupton


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