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Stock Photos of Wine - Stock Food and Drink
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Stock Photos of Wine

Swirl of Rosé Wine © Copyright stevelupton.com

Stock Photos of Wine

A Rosé Wine Swirls in a Glass (above)



Stock Photos of Wine by Steve Lupton


License my stock photos of wine at Getty Images


Ilove to shoot Stock Photos of Wine! Red, Rosé, or White Wine even wine bottles and corks interest me because wine is one of my favourite subjects. I find it’s all good to work with and every time I photograph wine I see a new challenge. It’s not until I start to set up that I often find something different that then excites or equally frustrates me, it could be a reflection or just the way a glass of wine picks up the light from somewhere. It’s hard to explain but sometimes things just look great and yet with wine and glass there is always the opportunity for something to look undesirable too due to the reflective nature of glass and the way wine itself reflects the background. Look straight through a glass of wine sometime and you will see exactly what I mean, be careful to select where you do this though, people must think i’m a little strange when they see me doing this in a bar!


Stock Photos of Wine © Copyright stevelupton.com

Swirl of White Wine. A stock photo by photographer Steve Lupton


A White Wine Swirls in a Wine Glass


When I shot a series of stock wine images recently with wine swirling in a glass, it took over 600 captures before I decided I had achieved all that I could for the best wine swirls possible, from natural to something a little ott. and everything in-between. Of course by that time I was swirling myself, but it’s all part of producing great stock photos of wine! How we suffer for our art.
So from a photographer’s point of view there are lots of elements that go into achieving a good image of wine, whatever the type of wine. Considerations like the taste and aromas are put aside because we are only interested in the visual quality, well for the moment at least!


Stock Photos of Wine © Copyright stevelupton.com

Red wine swirling in a glass. A stock photo by photographer Steve Lupton


Swirling Red Wine in a Glass


Sometimes depending on the use, the simple looking images are the hardest to achieve because they show the wine in detail and not much else, so your attention is directly held by the wine and the glass, it has to be good visually and at the same time have a strong element of interest. The same wine can look different depending on the glass used and the same glass can even look different again depending upon the lighting!

I suppose thats why wine is one of my favourite subjects to photograph resulting in hopefully great stock photos of wine, not surprisingly it’s one of my favourite drinks too. Cheers!



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