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Martini Drink © Copyright stevelupton.com

Stock Photos of Cocktails

It's always happy hour when I create stock images/photos of cocktails. From a Martini cocktail drink to a fabulous Tequila Sunrise you will find the most popular cocktail drinks in the range of stock photos I have to offer...

Herb infused oils used in cooking. From the online portfolio of photographer Steve Lupton. Photo Copyright © stevelupton.com

Stock Food Photography

At it’s best Stock Food Photography has to be an art form in itself and behind the scenes a great deal of effort goes (perhaps mostly unnoticed) into producing great images...

Swirl of Rosé Wine © Copyright stevelupton.com

Stock Photos of Wine

I love to shoot Stock Photos of Wine! Red, Rosé, or White Wine even wine bottles and corks interest me because wine is one of my favourite subjects...

Steaming Teapot Copyright © stevelupton.com

Food and Drink Stock Photography

What do you expect to see when you need an image from the world of Food and Drink Stock Photography? If you are reading this you have now discovered something that is hopefully a little more unexpected and refreshing....

Dolce Rosso Tomatoes on the Vine © Copyright stevelupton.com

Stock Food Images

Stock food images and photos aren't always just comprised of nice looking plates of food, quite often a great stock image of food or drink is also an iconic image...

Wine Stock Images

A series of three very special and smooth wine stock images. Beautiful and iconic Red Wine, Rosé Wine and White Wine stock photos....

Pewter Flatware © Copyright stevelupton.com

Stock Food and Drink

My new website stockfoodanddrink.com has been launched! I decided that my old site stevelupton.com needed a bit of an update as it wasn’t performing on phones and tablets as I would have liked...

Scone with jam and Clotted Cream © Copyright stevelupton.com

Food and Drink Stock Photos

Food and drink stock photos aren't what they used to be! But then nothing is, is it? These days everyone is a photographer! Digital has made photography easy hasn't it? ...

Sex on the Beach Cocktail © Copyright stevelupton.com

Sex On The Beach Stock Photo

Did you know that this image also can attract a lot of traffic to your website? Yes, I found that having this image in my portfolio suddenly attracted lots of visitors, I can’t say how many were actually interested in my work as a food and drink photographer...

Rustic Bread baked in Plant Pots © Copyright stevelupton.com

Being Creative with Photos

Producing quality and creative images time after time can make your creative juices totally dry up, in my case recently inducing a sort of photographer's block, creating creativity can sometimes be quite punishing to say the least....

Range of fresh ingredients often used for cooking. From the online portfolio of photographer Steve Lupton. Photo Copyright © stevelupton.com

Fresh Cooking Ingredients

If your going to cook well it stands to reason you need all the right ingredients, perhaps it's same for living life...


Latest Steve Lupton at Corbis Images

I suspect most people will have Googled their own name at sometime, I confess I do it. Not just out of vanity, although that's a pretty good reason I suppose, usually I do it to see where some of my images are turning up. So just recently I got a really pleasant surprise...

Nutty Malt Artisan Bread. From the online portfolio of photographer Steve Lupton. Photo Copyright © stevelupton.com

Artisan Bread

I am very fortunate, I have a friendly local bakery that continually support me with some superb products to photograph. I once asked to see their product list and was astonished...