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Wine Stock Images | Stock Food and Drink
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Wine Stock Images

Wine Stock Images


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Wine Stock Images Close-Up


This is a series of three very special and smooth wine stock images as shown in my Portfolio at Stock Food and Drink.

The Red Wine, Rosé Wine and White Wine are all photographed in the same close-up angle. Shot in a simple and graphic minimalist style against an uncluttered background, these stock photos can be described as iconic as each image represents so clearly and apparently simply the subject matter i.e. Wine.


In an image where perhaps you wouldn’t expect to find much detail quite the opposite is true, when the photo’s are viewed at a reasonable size the camera has captured masses of detail in things like the condensation on the chilled White and chilled Rosé for example, it can even be seen in the natural bubble on the Red Wine image.


These stock photo images convey a certain mood that is so very sympathetic with the wine. Perhaps my years photographing glass for a leading manufacturer helped me as a photographer to marry the glass and the wine in a way not often seen with stock photography, both the glass and the wine seamlessly compliment each other, you don’t notice one shouting louder in the images than the other. A good blend, producing these exceptional and striking iconic wine stock photographs.


Thirsty for more wine photos? Check out my range at Getty Images. or visit my Portfolio site.


Steve Lupton

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